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Wishing Wells

The Traditional Farm Shop

We have all you need for your life in the country with a wide range of livestock for the farm and garden

Poultry for Sale

Chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, bantams, quail, and more.

Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats, kid goats, lambs, yearlings, emu chicks & adults.

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View our Emu chicks, adults and fertile eggs.

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Browse Our Store

Eggs, feed, feeders, bedding, supplements, baits and much more.


Farming machinery, fencing, troughs, posts, gates & much more.

Firewood & Coal

Firewood, coal, logs, kindling & BBQ buy single or in bulk.

Wishing Wells Farm Firewood and Coal for Sale

Fishing Shop

Preloved fishing equipment, bait, tackle, nets & much more.

Wishing Wells Farm Carp

Dog Grooming Services

We offer an onsite dog grooming service and dog accessories.

Feeds and Bedding

Come and browse our store and visit our animal friends.

Wishing Wells Farm Feeds and Bedding

Traditional Animal and Supplies Store

We are a family run business based in Hickstead, West Sussex.

When you arrive at Wishing Wells you will receive a Warm Welcome not just from myself and my family but also by our Animal Family who roam around in and out of our shop (you would be surprised where I find some of the eggs!!)

We sell chickens, ducks, geese and other livestock including pygmy goats. In our farm store we sell a huge range of products to supplement our animal purchases so whether you are just thinking of starting out buying a chicken or need supplies for your existing ones we have you covered.

Delivery is available for the majority of our stock just ask us when you visit or give us a call on 079 388 04237.

Sharon Stevens

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The new Organ X fly traps

New in a fabulously effective Fly Trap.

We used to stock the red top ones but these had to be a certain distance from living areas, animal housing etc and they didn’t Arf Pong!!

The new Organ X fly traps can even be placed in your home!!

Great much needed product especially this time of year and easier to use

Poultry for Sale

We sell chickens, ducks and geese. All our poultry is put out to pasture as soon as possible.

Chickens for Sale

Ducks for Sale

Geese for Sale

Quail & Guinea Fowl

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Feeds and Bedding

View our range of feeds and bedding.

FEEDS: We supply a range of feeds and grit that are associated with the animals we sell. All feeds we source are tried and tested on our own livestock for a period of three months or more to compare quality, growth rate and importantly egg production ( general all round conditioning).All feeds are from Non GM Modified grains. Competitively priced sack rates.
Hugely discounted bulk rates. All can be arranged to be delivered.
(If there are any particular feeds we have not got in stock we will Endeavour to source and supply)