Large Selection of Chickens for Sale

Large Selection of hybrid, purebred and bantam chickens available.

Chickens for Sale

If you are looking for chickens to buy we have various hens available for sale throughout the year. Hybrids, pure breds and bantams for sale many of which are available as day olds at our own hatchery on-site till point of lay. Chickens are very rewarding birds you can watch them for hours (real time wasters!) Chickens are very inquisitive and no two chickens have the same characteristics and as a bonus they supply you with many wonderful tasty eggs which you can also buy from the shop.

Our P.O.L hens are usually available around 16-20 weeks depending on when you pick them up. They will usually start to lay around 20-24 weeks of age. Our ladies are regularly wormed and on purchase come with a standard two-week guarantee.

If you were to have any concerns or questions about your chickens or need any aftercare advise please contact us.

Chickens for Sale in Littlehampton West Sussex

Below is a List of Hybrid Hens for Sale

(Amounts of eggs produced from these hens are achievable depending on environment)
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Pure Breeds and Bantams for Sale

These are the main pure breeds, including bantams, we breed here in our hatchery,

Chickens for Sale in Henfield West Sussex
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Appenzeller Chickens

Appenzeller chickens originated from Switzerland this light breed likes to roost.

The Appenzeller likes to free-range and can fly at times (wing clipping will help).

They are productive layers laying a white egg and will lay well on little food.

The Appenzeller is very striking with an upright tail and tufted head.

Active and alert the Appenzeller is a great forager.

Appenzeller Bantams Chickens for sale

Brahma Chickens

The Brahma chicken is a gentle giant and one of my personal favourites.

Laying a light brown egg.

The Brahma is stunning in every way with a very placid temperament and easy to tame.

Never flyte their profuse feathering makes them very good at withstanding the cold winter weather.

Easy to round up and tolerate being handled.

Brahma Chickens Bantams for sale

Brakel Chickens

Belgium breed rare breed

The Brakel lay white eggs and are a very good layer for a pure breed.

Stunning looking, very hardy, active and inquisitive and seldom go broody.

Great for free-range systems.

Braekel Bantams Chickens for sale

Padovana / Polish Bantams

These beautiful crested bantams/Light breed are very similar.

They usually mix well with small breeds but maybe picked on by bigger breeds. Once again they have a docile nature and tolerate being held.

The Padovana / Polish bantams are ideal if you have a smaller back garden as they will follow you everywhere.

Padovana Polish Bantams Chickens for sale

Pekin Bantams

The Pekin bantam is usually available in a variety of colours. They are generally a docile breed with a lovely temperament which makes the Pekin bantam suitable for the caring novice.

Pekin bantams are ideal pets for children as they tolerate being carried about and fussed over. The Pekin bantam really enjoys human company.

Pekin Bantams Chickens for sale

Sablepoot Bantams

Millefleur and Lemon Millefleur

Millefleur meaning: ‘A thousand flowers’

Stunningly beautiful bantams with a friendly gentle temperament.

The Sablepoot bantam is named after its extravagant feathering on their legs. Another productive laying bantam said to do less damage to the garden due to their heavily feathered feet.

Sablepoots Bantams Chickens for sale

Serama Bantams

The smallest of the bantams but full of character. Featherless legs and feet, available in different colours.

The Serama bantams are great layers but obviously popping out very small eggs which are beautiful hard-boiled and added to salads.

The Serama bantams really are pocket-size so this really needs consideration with flying predators.

We successfully tend to keep our hens with a few cockerels and the boys tend to get along.  The Serama bantam enjoys being in its own breed groups.

Seramas Bantams Chickens for sale

Silkies Bantams

The Silkie bantam is usually available in a variety of colours. The Silkie bantam is one of the most unusual breeds due to its luxurious feathering.

The Silkie bantam has 5 toes and dark skin.

The Silkie bantam is another favourite with children with a friendly and docile temperament.

Silkies Bantams Chickens for sale

Vorwerk Chickens

German breed rare breed

Laying a cream/white egg this breed nearly died out after the Second World War.

Another stunning bird that is easy to tame and are great foragers.

Cockerels generally get on well together in large spaces.

Vorwerk Bantams Chickens for sale

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