Poultry Feeders and Drinkers

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  • Feeders with Hinged Lids
  • Solway Blenheim Feeders
  • Trough Feeders
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Wisging Wells Farm Feeders and Drinker for Poultry Ducks and Geese

Bucket Combi Drinkers

18Ltr Bucket Drinker

Easy to fill and carry this drinker is suitable for a variety of species. Feet available separately.

Wishing Wells Farm 18ltr bucket feeders

Fount Drinkers

Combi Drinkers with ergonomic handles, 6 and 12 litre sizes come complete with feet, helps keep water trough clean. UK made.


Wishing Wells Farm Fount Combi Drinkers sussex

4Kg Feeder with Hinged Lid

New feeder with hinged lid to enable the feeder to be filled from the top without turning upside down. The food level can be seen from outside.

Ant-waste grill to reduce food loss. Easy and clean and manufactured from high quality plastic. Feet available separately.

Wishing Wells Farm Animal Feeders with Hinged Lid Sussex

Solway Blenheim Feeder

Designed by Solway Feeders and manufactured in the UK by BEC, the Solway Blenheim is a versatile feeder.

  • Specially designed anti-waste feature
  • 4 robust feet to lift the feeder from the ground
  • Holds 6Kg feed
  • Suitable for feeding chicks of adult birds
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Trough Feeders

50cm Hen Trough

Anti scratch bars, helps prevent waste.

Suitable for poultry and pheasants.

Wishing Wells Farm Trough Feeders Sussex

Duck Feeders

12Kg capacity feeder specifically designed for ducks and geese.

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