Animal Housing and Coops

All Poultry Housing is made on site,and will never be seen again anywhere else,they are totally unique to Wishing Wells.
But please check website for updates.
Please call into see us if you have any special requirements.

Range of fox proof housing available now!

Wishing Wells Farm Hand Crafted Animal Housing for Ducks Sussex

We sell everything you need for your livestock and more...

  • Duck Runs
  • Duck Housing
  • Pest Control
  • Duck Wire
  • Duck Bedding
  • Duck Feeders
  • Duck Pools
  • Duck Waterers
  • Pest Control
  • Chicken Wire
  • Chicken Bedding
  • Chicken Feeders
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Poultry for Sale

We sell chickens, ducks and geese. All our poultry is put out to pasture as soon as possible.

Chickens for Sale

Ducks for Sale

Geese for Sale

Quail & Guinea Fowl

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